How to collect URL’s using Quantcast for PPV advertising

November 27, 2012 by: Mahmoud Selman

quantcast Quantcast is a web analytic company that help us to advertise to the right audience about a service or a product.

You can use quantcast data for many types of advertising as Facebook, POF and PPV. 

in this post I will show you in Step-by-step how to collect URL’s using Quantcast to use with PPV advertising.

Step #1: Go to and create an account for free

Step #2: Login to Quantcast

Step #3: Click on Planner

Step #4: According to the product or service you are advertising for select the audience you want to target with sex and age.

Step #5: Filter the websites by category and make it as much relative as possible to what you are going to promote.

Step #6: Finally we are going to target websites that have between 1k-100k visits and make sure not to target google, yahoo and msn because that will pull huge traffic and your budget will be depleted so fast.

Pick 20 – 40 URL’s from the result you get and start testing them with PPV. ¬†



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3 Responses to “How to collect URL’s using Quantcast for PPV advertising”
  1. Leon says:

    nice post but
    would we go a step farther
    why would i want to advertise on those sites but find out where these companies advertise on?

    right or wrong?

  2. Leon says:

    i understand that (have used ppv in the pass but, the list that is brought up is where yes you can send pops to there sites but also, we can look into the list and get more targeted by looking at where they run there ads free account and send pops to where they advertise.
    right or wrong?


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