How to get your ads approved on Facebook

January 11, 2013 by: Mahmoud Selman

How to get your ads approved on Facebookfacebook_advertising

Many affiliates having problems promoting their offers on facebook and we hear many times that ads been disapproved. People keep changing the offers and they still can’t get their ads approved.

In this post we are going to talk about the most common reasons why this happen and how to solve it.

I know it’s too frustrating to keep trying with no result and you feel like you are hitting a wall.

I remember that some days I have submitted over 80 ads and all been disapproved, That time I was near to throw my PC from the window and give up Facebook advertising.

So where the problem is:

First thing you need to do is to READ the TOS and facebook advertising guides to know what you are allowed to promote and what’s not. Most of us just skip this point because it’s boring and we want to learn things by testing them.

second problem is, Let me here say it loud ” WE ARE DIRECT LINKING CPA OFFERS“. So what the hell this suppose to mean? We know that we are promoting CPA offers.

If you think about it for 5 min you will find that our CPA offers we are promoting is are geo targeted. Let’s say I am promoting a CPA offer that target people living in USA and the offer is about a free gift card or what ever. Now when the dude sitting in Ireland open our ad so there is some possibilities here:

A- He will not reach any sites ” This page can’t be viewed from your country”

B- He will be redirected to another offer and that could be a gambling website, Adult website or what ever.

Weather is is A or B the important part is that your ad will never get approved and if you keep submitting them over and over again your advertising account will most likely get suspended or worst case closed.

One other problem is that people are so lazy to go and register a domain name and put their affiliate links as they are. Let me tell you that this won’t work.

So how can we solve this problems to be able to get our ads approved. The minimum requirement is to make you offer as much legit as possible and you do that by getting a legit domain name, No matter if it’s a .com .org or .net domain name. Domain names are too cheap this days so make it the first step while you are promoting offers on facebook. Go and order a domain name.

Now to solve the geo redirect issue you have 2 options:

1-  iFrame your CPA offers, Many CPA networks like PeerFly allow you to iFrame their CPA offers.

2- Use a landing page, there is also many other CPA networks like Maxbounty that don’t allow you to iFrame their offers and for that you need to create a landing page. Landing pages don’t need to be so much advanced, it should be fine with a clickable image that will take the visitor to your offer.

 I will take about how to iFrame your CPA offers and creating landing pages in another post.


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