How to use Sub-ID and Callback Pixel/URL?

February 14, 2012 by: Mahmoud Selman

pixel and post backOne of the most asked question and confusing tasks in CPA tracking setup is How to use Sub-ID and Callback Pixel/URL? 

Its a bit easy and I will try to explain it for you in easy way.

So What is Sub-ID Tracking?
Sub-ID Tracking is a variable that affiliates use to  pass data to a CPA network to be able to identify which click/ID that have generated a conversion. 

For example you can use the Sub-ID variable to track which traffic source or advertising network have sent you the clicks.

In this screenshot I will show you an example about how to use sub-id on Maxbounty to track clicks from a PPV network called MediaTraffic

What you need to do next is to select creative type that match your traffic source and click on get tracking link. Since we are working with PPV in this example so we want to use the contextual creative.


Now if you need to see the sub-id of the link that have received the clicks or converted you will need to check your reports and click on Sub-ID.

What is Callback Pixel/URL?

Callback pixel/URL is a code or URL that you get from your tracking system like Prosper202 and this code will tell the CPA network to post back or fire a pixel each time a click converting and you will be able to track this conversion from your tracking system without needing to log in to the CPA network.

The most important part here is that you can track the clicks and the conversions in real time. Some advertising platforms as Facebook have a delay in its reports and its very important to keep a track while you are using paid advertising.

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