Media Buys and CPA

February 15, 2012 by: Mahmoud Selman

media buyMedia buying or banner advertising is one of the most effective advertising methods when it comes to CPA marketing. Many people have not tested it yet because of lack of knowledge or just because many internet marketers just overlook things in general.

Many CPA networks will provide you with banner creatives, But you want to create your own banners since self created banners have higher CTR. Always talk to your AM and show them your banners to approve it and never go by yourself and promote your own designed banners without your AM permission, because you may lose your leads, get the offer pulled from you and in worst case getting your account suspended.

What can you do with banner creatives and where you can advertise them?

Banners usually placed on websites and it’s very important to place your banners on a relevant websites. So if you are promoting  weight loss product then make sure to place your banners on a website that gives information about how to lose weight.

There is many networks there you can buy ad space from, But the most effective method is direct media buying and we are going to talk about it later in this post.

Top networks for media buys are:

Google display network

Yahoo Advertising

Ad choice by Microsoft

There is also some good 3rd party banner ads networks, But I wont recommend them. They are expensive and optimizing ads with them is a bit difficult.

Top 3rd party networks for banner advertising:



Now to the most important part, Direct media buys:

Direct media buying is the cheapest and most effective method to use while advertising your CPA offers. There you will need to contact the webmasters directly and ask them to rent an ad space on their website. It’s kind easy to identify the websites that can be good for your offer and for that we are going to use quantcast ad planer.

As you can see the planer will allow you to search for websites by audience. So according to your CPA offer you can set the audience you want to target then you will get a list of websites there you can search for contact info of the website owners and you can contact them.

Always ask if its possible to pay webmasters monthly and if you can test the placement for 2 days.

What is the best banner size and offers to use with media buys?

Best banner size to use is 728×90 and 120×600 and make sure to place your banners at the top of the site. This will give your banners better CTR since the visitor will notice that the banner are more important than the text below it.

For some reason zip submits works best and have higher CTR with banner advertising.

If you are new to media buys I advice you to start with Adhitz, Adhitz is a good network for text and banner advertising and you can start advertising with as low as $2. So make sure to test the water with them first before you get into media buying.


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