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February 1, 2012 by: Mahmoud Selman

mobie advertising Mobile marketing is growing too fast with all that new coming smartphones and pads. Lot of people today browsing the internet from their mobile phones to check emails, websites and to download apps.

Many internet marketers and CPA networks optimizing their websites to make it mobile friendly. So they can benefit of that new traffic source.

Mobile advertising is too important source of traffic when it comes to CPA marketing. As you know most of CPA networks have offers that are mobile optimized and lot of downloadable apps for games and other niches.

Why you should start focusing on mobile marketing?

You should start using mobile advertising because as I said its a new traffic source and that means it is not saturated. Many people still don’t know about it or yet don’t know how to use it.

It’s still cheap traffic source with low competition. You are still able to get clicks at $0.02 rates, But even with that low coast can burn your daily budget so fast because of the missed clicks that may go to your banner ad and bring you non-targeted visitors.

So make sure to start testing on this ad platform wisely.

It’s mostly banner advertising here so make sure to target devices that will fit best to your banners size.

I do usually test first with 468×60 banners and targeting pad devices like Apple ipad and Samsung pads.


Where to find top mobile advertising websites?

Start by joining the best mobile advertising networks like:


Admob run by google and they have quality traffic that you can start benefiting from it from first day you start advertising with them.


Adfonic is another good mobile display network that allows you to target a wide range of intl targeted traffic.




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