PPV Advertising and CPA Marketing

March 6, 2012 by: Mahmoud Selman

PPV Advertising and CPA Marketing

trafficvance, directcpv, leadimpact, mediatraffic PPV or CPV stands for Pay Per View and Cost Per View there you pay when people view your website or your offer landing page. Most of CPA networks allow PPV advertising and call it Contextual advertising.

The cost per view is different from one network to another so the visitor may cost you anything between $0.01-1 depending on your niche and targeted keywords/links.

 How does PPV works and where your ads appear

PPV advertising is based on Ad-ware and its classed as legit advertising unlike Spy-waresso when someone download a tool-bar or a software they will be asked for permission to view ads on their PC. The ads then will appear as pop-up or pop-under.

The pop-ups also has different window size from one PPV network to another. Lead impact usually have a window size of 800×400 and Trafficvance window size is 800×600. That gives you more space while advertising with Trafficvance.

How to setup a successful PPV campaign

First of all and even before you apply to any PPV network you need to think about 1 thing and it is How to grab people attention in less than 4 sec.

You can grab people attention by creating your very own landing pages. Yes this is too important and in the first place, Because people have seen the default landing pages 100’s and even 1000’s of times and they are so tiered of seeing pop-ups all the time. So you need something special and catchy even challenging some times.

Here is an example about customized landing page for PPV advertising:

As you can see here I am promoting 2 CPA campaigns on this custom designed landing and this way you can also split test many offers to see which one converts better and have higher conversion rates.

With that said lets see how do we target our audience with PPV

According to your campaign you can easy decide who is your audience and targets.

Most important part here is to focus on targeting URL’s and NOT Keywords.

In the example above I am promoting a gift card from GameStop and a video game. So my target is people who are:

Interested in Play station, Xbox, Games, Gift cards and Gamestop.

Male with age between 18 and 45.

 To find this audience I will be using one of 2 tools. Google ad planner or Quantcast planner.

 By selecting your targets with 100k max reach you will get a list of the URL’s that you can target there your audience hang out.

 Take a list of 50-100 URL’s and start testing them by sending at least 50 views to each URL before deciding if this is a good URL to target or not.

 Test with 20-30 URL’s at time.

Best PPV networks

Here is a list of top 3 PPV networks and with most legit traffic:



Media traffic


3 Responses to “PPV Advertising and CPA Marketing”
  1. Jerry says:

    Hi, Could you please give us an example how you find those urls suing google ad planner? Have you got more examples of such great landing pages? Please email me. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Jerry,

      I will try to answer your question about how to get URL’s using google ad planner in another post in details.

      For now you can try normal search for a keyword and use first 15-20 URL’s you get from search result.

  2. Leslie says:

    Great article…lots of great info for a newbie like myself. However one thing that caught my attention is the “selecting your targets with 100k max reach”. Why do you limit your volume? Is it to limit competition? It would seem like you would want the ads to reach as many people as possible. But again…I’m still a newb, so I don’t have the insight you have. Enlighten me. :-)

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