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Our SEO specialist will find you achievable keyword phrases that are specific to your business and are getting a high volume of searches. We have tools that allow us to see how many people search for a specific phrase each month on all major search engines.

We also have a range of tools that allows us to back analyse your site and your competitors sites to see how well optimised they are and what it will take to compete with them.



On site optimisation accounts for around 20% – 25% of the SEO process and gives you a very large boost at the start of your SEO campaign. This requires that we tweak the text and a few other elements on some of your websites pages, we will always run all text and content changes past you for approval before they go live.



Off site optimisation accounts for around 75 – 80% of our SEO process and is the core element for about 70% of the continuous SEO work that we carry out on your site on a monthly basis.

Popular websites are always getting linked to by other people. If someone likes a site and writes about them on their blog, forum or social media channel (such as Facebook or Twitter) they will probably provide a link to that website. Search Engines see these links and counts them as votes for the website they link to.

The more quality links that point to a website the better, but beware! Search Engines are not silly and they know what a normal or organic growth profile is for any website in any industry and when a website tries to do something outside of this quota Search Engines can penalise it. Finding the perfect rate of adding links is all about finding the optimal rate of adding them, and we have got a profile for most industries and niche markets. Our SEO specialist will then do the laborious work of creating these links on the correct time scale, ensuring a nice even creation spread out over the month to ensure Search Engines see your website as being promoted organically. A popular website is exactly what Search Engines want to show when someone searches for a specific term, and yours is moved closer and closer to the top as more votes pour in.